"Eversafe has profited from BTN’s recommendations"

Eversafe is Melbourne’s leading specialist in state-of-the-art, custom designed security systems. Providing homes and commercial premises with immediate and reliable security management and response.

We have been with By The Numbers since 2013. They help us with Bookkeeping, Accountancy and Business Advisory. They introduced us to Xero and have streamlined our bookkeeping practices so they are much more efficient and transparent.  As a result, we are able to ascertain how our business is tracking on a daily basis and create a more efficient administration department.

Time saving, relevant training - BTN has used the training model of “ need to know” to educate us on Xero for our business rather than provide us with superfluous information. This is particularly useful and time saving for us as Small Business Owners. 

Advice on how to grow - BTN isn’t a ‘typical’ accountant practice, we view their role as much more than that. Ross and Dean are very proactive. Not only do they ensure our business meets its tax and compliance obligations, they also give us advice on how to grow our business, streamline processes and increase our profit margin. These added services save us the time and expense of engaging an external Business Coach. 

Eversafe has profited from BTN’s recommendations.

They have also recommended other companies who provide allied services such as SEO consultants to enhance our business. Eversafe has profited from their recommendations. 

Responsive - Both Ross and Dean are very professional and proactive. They always respond to any email and phone queries in an efficient and timely manner even when they are extremely busy. 

Interpersonal skills - Not only are they a wealth of knowledge but they have highly developed interpersonal skills and are genuinely interested in growing our business, providing us with personalised service…not your typical accountants! 


Jenny Mase, Owner Accounts Manager - Eversafe Australia Pty Ltd