"BTN Accounting, an integral part of my delivery team"

Expertise and forward-planning knowledge and guidance - I own and operate a marketing consulting business, and I have to say, that numbers aren’t my forte. I knew when I started my business that I needed someone with the expertise to help me not only to understand how to best operate my business daily, but also who would have the nous to give me the forward-planning knowledge and guidance I needed to manage my books, my cash-flow, and of course my tax.

Ross has been a lifesaver for my business - He simplifies accountant-speak into something that makes sense to me, and tells me what I need to know to make my finances work (and leaves out the stuff that I don’t need to know!).

His advice is beyond accounting - I have recommended Ross to a number of my personal and professional networks, often sending my own clients to Ross to get their businesses in order. His advice is beyond accounting - - and I now consider BTN Accounting an integral part of my delivery team.


Katherine MacPherson, Owner operator - The Hunter Box