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Jun 03

It All Begins.....

Posted by Ross Griffiths on Tuesday, June 03, 2014

It all begins...

Welcome to the first blog from Ross Griffiths at BTNA.  After many months of deliberation about what to write it has come to this, a where did we come from and where to from here?

I cut my teeth in the mecca of small accounting practices in the north western suburbs of Melbourne, in and around Essendon and Moonee Ponds. After 15 years of working in the area I could never quite believe why so many accounting practice had flocked to the area. Perhaps it was the high net worth individuals attracted by the private schools in the area, perhaps it was the café culture of Keillor Road and North Essendon Village, perhaps the accountants were the high wealth individuals attracted to the schools?   Perhaps I will never know the answer, to be honest I am not too fussed anymore.  I now find myself in Melbourne’s Inner West.  Home of the Western Bulldogs, home of the freight docks, home of oil storage and Coode Island, home of Francis Street the suburban truck highway, but gee I love it all!

Much to my dismay I had no idea that Melbourne’s inner west modern café culture existed before being introduced by my partner a little over 2 years ago when we bought a house in the area. We are fortunate to live a stone’s throw from Yarraville Village and we love everything about our hood; from the sun theatre and pop up park, to the cafes, village store and a kransky’s outside Andrew’s Choice on a Saturday morning. If you haven’t been to Yarraville Village, come check it out, it’s quite a unique street scape incomparable to anywhere in Melbourne. Now we find ourselves venturing further afield to Seddon and Footscray, over the last 2 years these two suburbs have exploded!  The food (hello roti road and 8bit), the people, the sense of community…. For me, the west is the place to live and is now the place where I want to grow and share my accounting ninja skills.

In Essendon, it struck me that no accounting practices didn’t seem to compete with one another.  Everyone did the same thing, the same way.  This was good for business I guess, no one seemed to poach clients from one another, happy days amongst accountants in Essendon! 

This is changing though.  People are becoming more aware of what an innovative and progressive accountant can do for their business market-place, the landscape is changing and it’s changing fast. Gone are the days of presuming you will retain clients for life just by logging some kick ass tax returns and business activity statements. If you can’t deliver on client’s needs, wants and desires, they are off to the next guy down the road.

When the opportunity came up to rent an office in Gamon Street I was very excited to actually join the inner west business community, to take it one step further from being local to being local business owner and to start my own change.  

So, this is where we are now.  In the 11 months we have been operating it has been extremely rewarding to give something back to this area.  I’ve developed my business in a new direction, moving away from just core compliance (of course we can lodge a kick ass tax return) , to a value add business advisory firm driven by technology solutions that make it possible to deliver on client needs, wants and desires.   Where BTNA is part of your business team.

Xero is the centrepiece of this change, providing us with real time information about how your business is performing - not last year, not last quarter, not last month, but up to yesterday.  Now that is powerful stuff! This real-time information allows us to identify trends, problems, opportunities for the clients as well as using information to driver smarter and better business decisions, as all business decisions should be driven By The Number’s (bad pun intended). 

The greatest part for me is that BTNA spends less time crunching the numbers and more time supporting and explaining how your numbers can help create opportunities and make good decisions.   Whether that chat is in the BTNA office, your office or even the local café or pub, let us see what BTNA can do for you.