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Jun 04

Your Tax Plan for 2019

Posted by Ross Griffiths on Tuesday, June 04, 2019

T A X  P L A N  F O R  2 0 1 9

 A N   I N T R O D UC T I O N   T O   T A X   P L A N 

So you want to get ahead of your taxes this year? 

We are here to help you with your tax saving strategies so you can make the most of your year. 

With the tax savings we will help you with, you can: 

- Reduce your home loan 

- Top up your Super 

- Deposit on an investment property 

- Upgrade your car 

- Or even take that annual holiday you’ve been dreaming of with your family or loved ones! 

Our financial experts can project and review your financial position for the coming end of financial year and develop some strategies for you to employ throughout the year to reduce your tax legally. 

We will focus on 3 key areas: Business tax strategies, wealth tax strategies and tax law requirements to get the most out of your refund or minimize the payable amount in your next tax return.

B O O K I N G  A  M E E T I N G  W I T H  U S

So how do you get in touch with us and take the first steps for your tax plan? 


Using our By The Numbers linked booking app, setting up a meeting for your tax plan with Ross, Carolina or Paola is as easy as the press of a button (literally!).

Here you will be able to synchronize your availability with your accountant and get started on your savings!

T H E  B O T T O M  L I N E

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to maximize your returns this year. Forget about that looming tax time cloud of uncertainty and start getting ahead of your year and prepare your next venture or adventure with the savings we will be able to help you collect.