Complete job management system at a discounted price!


GeoOp gives you the power to manage your jobs while on the road as well as through a head office. With a powerful resource, job scheduler and integration with both Unleashed for prices and Xero for accounting, it gives you the ability to track and manage your business while on the road.


For the first time ever, the NZPM price file is live and instantly available through Unleashed & GeoOp. Having real time integration with Unleashed provides you with the confidence of knowing your precise margins for every component of every job! Cuts down all your paperwork and increases your profitability.


Xero is beautiful accounting software with live bank feeds and direct integration to form the backbone of your business. Reconciling banks accounts and receiving and sending money has never been as easy, or as much fun as it is with using Xero.


Unleashed is the centre of your stock and price list system. Getting live price feeds from NZPM and direct integration with GeoOp gives you complete control of your prices and margins. Now you can transact with confidence.

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Access to Financial controlling and management accounting when you need it, helping you make the decisions to get ahead.