Why Use Xero

- Quick and easy bank reconciliation
- Time savings through automatic bank feeds
- Never skip a beat, access at home or on
the road, anywhere, computer, tablet and
mobile device
- Real time data for real time decision making
- No software updates, no backups, free
- Xero integrates with over 300 business
- Integrated Payroll
- Multi User Access

Why Use By The Numbers

It’s imperative Xero is set up correctly so you experience maximum efficiencies. As part of the set up we:

- Establish your Xero File.
- Merge Debtors, Creditors, Contacts & Payroll from your current system.
- Train you in how to use it; this can be done in minutes over the phone.
- Will be on hand to quickly deal with your queries and questions.
- Show you new ways Xero can help you.

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