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8 Powerful Xero Hacks That Will Ease Your Day and Maximise Efficiency

Whether you’re a small business owner, a freelancer, or managing a bustling startup, Xero’s cloud-based software offers some clever hacks to boost your productivity and streamline your financial processes. In this post, we’ll unveil eight powerful Xero hacks that will not only save you time but also enhance your data security and improve your overall workflow. From the simplicity of logging in to integrating complex sales data, these tips are tailored to help you make the most out of your Xero experience. Let’s dive in and discover how these hacks can transform your day-to-day operations!

1. Xero Authenticator

Using MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) has become the norm due to increasing data security risks online. If you aren’t using the Xero Authenticator app yet, I highly recommend it for simplifying your life. Switching to Xero’s MFA allows you to approve logins directly from your phone’s lock screen, or even an Apple Watch by just pressing ‘yes.’ It’s surprisingly easy to enable MFA: just log into Xero, click your account photo or initials in the top right corner, go to ‘Account,’ click the three-dot button next to Multi-factor Authentication, turn off the authenticator, and log out. Then, download the Xero Authenticator app, log back in, and set up a new MFA. This is a game changer for the security of your financial data; if only other software we use had this feature!

2. Changing Phones?

We use MFA for our various cloud based services; Xero, Dext, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft 365, but what happens when you change phones? Unfortunately, your authenticator app won’t transfer all these settings automatically. You’ll need to disable MFA on all connected services before switching phones. Follow the same steps as setting up the Xero authenticator to make this transition smoother.

3. Xero Login Shortcut

Streamline the sign-in process by saving a special link to your browser:

Copy the link above and paste it into your browser of choice (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.). Change to the email address you use to log in to Xero. Press enter to load the Xero site, then save your custom URL as a bookmark. Play the video below to see this trick in action.

This trick lets you skip typing your email every time you log into Xero and works on any browser that supports bookmarks.

4. Built-In Calculators

Xero includes a handy calculator within the Quantity and Amount fields of Invoices, Quotes, Bills, and Purchase Orders.

5. Using a Bill to Record Personal Expenses

If you’ve paid for business expenses out of your personal account and no reimbursement is needed, simply create a bill in Xero. You can either manually enter the details or email in the receipt. After approving the bill, go to “Make a Payment” at the bottom, and select “Funds Introduced” as the payment account. If this account isn’t visible, edit it in the General Ledger to accept payments.

6. Hubdoc

Included at no extra cost for Standard and Premium subscriptions, Hubdoc automatically extracts data from your supplier bills and integrates it with Xero, giving you greater control over how data is processed and stored. It also allows staff to process documents independently without needing access to Xero.

7. Invoice Reminders

Take full control of your cash flow with Xero’s highly customisable invoice reminder feature. You can set specific dates, frequencies, and tailor the messages that your clients receive. This feature helps ensure that your invoices are always top of mind, reducing the chances of late payments. Whether it’s gentle reminders a few days before the due date or more urgent notifications post-due date, you can configure these settings uniquely for different clients or invoice templates. Effective use of this feature not only improves your cash flow but also maintains good client relationships by keeping communication clear and professional.

8. Seamless Square Integration with Xero via Amaka

Integrating Square with Xero can streamline your accounting processes, making tracking sales and financial data easier. Amaka offers a robust integration service that automates the data sync between Square and Xero. This tool captures and consolidates all your Square transactions, including sales, fees, tips, and refunds, directly into Xero in real time. What makes this service standout is its ability to provide detailed transaction breakdowns, ensuring your books remain accurate and up-to-date with minimal manual entry. Setting up the integration is straightforward—visit the Amaka website, select the Square to Xero integration, and follow the setup guide to connect your accounts. This integration saves you time and provides deeper insights into your business’s financial health by seamlessly linking your sales and accounting data.

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