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Business Advice

Set the right growth goals for your business this year

You need to have a clear vision for your business from day one in order to grow your company effectively. Your vision may be to grow your profits and create an income to support your lifestyle, you may want to build market share and aim for hypergrowth, you could want to eventually sell your company and walk away with the most value you can. What goals are going to be the right goals for you?The financial model of your business…
Business Advice

There is a great story waiting to be told in your small business!

There is a great story for everyone to hear about, waiting to be told in your small business. Before you make the move to get a Public Relations consultant on board for your business, make sure you have all your bases covered to maximise the return value from pushing your media coverage. We have a compiled a list of things to get done before you push your business’ media coverage. Making an announcement must grab people’s attention. There are stacks…