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There is a great story for everyone to hear about, waiting to be told in your small business. Before you make the move to get a Public Relations consultant on board for your business, make sure you have all your bases covered to maximise the return value from pushing your media coverage.

We have a compiled a list of things to get done before you push your business’ media coverage.

1. Solidify your value proposition and objectives.

Making an announcement must grab people’s attention. There are stacks (literally!) of press releases piled on your typical journalist desk, so what you’re saying has to stand out and feel worthwhile reading. You must have something to offer the would-be reader.

Does your business have an original and creative service? A unique culture? A hot new product waiting to take the market by storm? This is something for you to understand and have developed before you start investing in more media exposure.

2. Be ready to respond.

Your online systems and internal operations should be up to speed and ready to go. Getting in touch with your business should be easy and internal operations should be running without a hitch. If your PR team gets press coverage for your biz, you have to be ready to respond to any questions, calls, interviews and demand.

Is your company prepared to meet the potential rise in sales? Is your sales team ready to go? Is your website functioning correctly? Do you have the inventory ready to roll out before your campaign takes off? Make sure your ship is prepped for smooth sailing!

3. Set a goal for your investment into PR.

Define what you want to get out of your investment and what you will define as a successful campaign for your business before you bring in a public relations firm. You should convey to them what your expected outcomes are and what you want to achieve.

4. Do as much yourself as you can for your business.

The right PR team will provide you access to critical members of the media in your specific sector. They’ll also advise the best way to communicate your brand to the media in the most efficient and effective possible way.

Does this guarantee your campaign will be as successful as you imagine?

On the day that you launch your campaign, something big or another dramatic event may occur, which could limit the amount of traction your campaign garners. You still have great news to tell though!

Ensure you share your news on your website, any blogs your small business has and all of your social media platforms. Your blogs should contain buttons to allow your followers to share through their social media channels.

Your business should be easy to get in touch with, make sure your website and social media platforms contain all the necessary information! Maximise the legwork you can do -everything should be in order in case the press release generates interest in your company.

Follow these steps before you get your small business’ story out there – make sure you have the best version ready to be heard and maximize the return on your PR investment.

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