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ATO & myGov Scam Alert: Don’t Fall for the Trap

ATO & myGov Scam Alert: Don't Fall For The Trap In a world where technology rules, it's no surprise that scammers are finding new and crafty ways to target unsuspecting victims. We've all heard those horror stories of friends, family, and clients falling prey to scams. Today, we're shining a light on some scams circulating in the wild, particularly the ATO and myGov scams. Brace yourselves, and let's dive into this gripping tale of online trickery! The Australian Taxation Office…
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Scam Activity Escalating During COVID-19

Scamming is, unfortunately, something that all individuals and businesses have to deal with. As more and more information becomes available on the web, we can bet that we will continue to have to deal with online scams. Sadly, scammers are making the most of the circumstances surrounding coronavirus and exploiting the concerns and fears of every individual they can. It can be difficult to identify whether or not a notification you’ve received online is official or not. Many people have…