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Scamming is, unfortunately, something that all individuals and businesses have to deal with. As more and more information becomes available on the web, we can bet that we will continue to have to deal with online scams.

Sadly, scammers are making the most of the circumstances surrounding coronavirus and exploiting the concerns and fears of every individual they can. It can be difficult to identify whether or not a notification you’ve received online is official or not.

Many people have received fraudulent phone calls, emails and text messages from scammers impersonating official entities.

It is important to stay informed, not alarmed.

How can you protect your business?

  • Do not click through links shown in emails, texts or attachments from people or organisations you don’t know. If you are uncertain, make sure you check the validity of the address you received the notification from through websites such as Scam Watch.
  • Contact the individual or company by phone and confirm the request. Make sure you search the official website for a customer service number.
  • Search the company, products or services online to confirm the advice.
  • Does the company provide adequate information about privacy, terms and conditions of use, dispute resolution, or contact details?
  • Do not submit any bank account details through any links provided in your email before confirming the sender. The Australian Taxation Office and most other entities will suggest updating your details through their official app or website.

The team at By The Numbers are here to support our clients, feel free to contact us if you’ve received an email or call from the Australian Taxation Office that you are uncertain about.

Stay informed and stay safe!