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Why Choose By The Numbers Accounting?

We’re a flexible team of highly qualified accountants recognised for providing small and medium businesses with trusted advice to meet changing needs, goals and interests.

We think outside the square and partner with clients to achieve results.  Harnessing the power of data, we offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to each client we work with.

Whether you’re looking to minimise your tax, increase profits or grow, we’ll make sure you have the advice and tools to support you to achieve your goals.

A Xero gold partner, our business is 100% cloud based – we embrace technology and ensure we are at the forefront of accounting automation and enhanced processes for your business.  Based in Yarraville in the western suburbs of Melbourne, visit us at our offices or organise a time to catch up over Zoom – whatever the forum, we’re here to help.

St Georges Theatre in Yarraville home to By The Numbers Accounting
By The Numbers Accounting - Registered Tax Agent
By The Numbers Accounting - Xero Gold Partner
By The Numbers Accounting - CPA Qualified Accountants
By The Numbers Accounting - Receipt Bank Silver Partner

Meet The Team!

Ross Griffiths - Managing Partner of By The Numbers Accounting
CPA Accountant / Director / Owner

Ross Griffiths

Ross started By the Numbers to break free of the traditional, suit-wearing, accounting stereotypes.

CPA qualified and the owner of BTN, Ross has extensive experience in business accounting, focused on strengthening businesses through the adoption of real time monitoring, financial and technology solutions. His core skills are business accounting, process optimisation and integration of technology into business. His wide exposure across trade, professional and creative industries means he is able to offer a fresh perspective to your business.

Ross is a lateral thinker, priding himself on helping his clients work out the pressure points so he is best able to advise and coach on how to improve.

Ross enjoys getting out of the office, snowboarding in winter and wakeboarding in summer, and is a big (make that huge!) basketball fan.

Paola Coco - Accountant @ By The Numbers Accounting
CPA Accountant

Paola Coco

Let's introduce you to Paola, a gem in our team since 2016. Paola isn't just any accountant; she's been the brain behind some pretty key roles. Think Management Accountant and Cost & Inventory Accountant at Pac Brands’ bustling Workwear division – we're talking big bucks and big responsibilities here.

What's really cool about Paola is her versatility. She's teamed up with businesses across various sectors, bringing her A-game in Xero to totally revamp their bookkeeping game. It's not just about crunching numbers; she's transforming the way businesses handle their finances.

Now, here’s the kicker – in between climbing the career ladder and hitting the books, Paola has juggled getting married and raising three awesome kids. Talk about a superhero in disguise!

When she's not being a numbers wizard, Paola is all about family time, staying active with her dog on walks, indulging in the joy of dining out, and hey, who doesn't love a bit of retail therapy to unwind?

We’re super lucky to have Paola with us at BTNA. She's not just about balance sheets; she's about balancing work, family, and fun, and that's something pretty special.

Ronalyn Escamillas - Accountant @ By The Numbers Accounting

Ronalyn Escamillas

We're excited for you to meet Rona, who joined the BTNA family in 2021. Rona's not your everyday accountant; she's a globe-trotter in the world of numbers. Her journey through different roles has given her a treasure trove of accounting smarts. From mineral testing labs to finance and accounting outsourcing gigs, she's seen it all – retail, manufacturing, service sectors, food and restaurant businesses, and even investment operations.

What makes Rona stand out? She's got this amazing ability to adapt her skills to just about any industry. And guess what? She's doing all this fantastic work from overseas!

When she's not busy untangling complex financial puzzles, Rona's all about kicking back and having fun. She's a big fan of online gaming and loves spending time with her dogs – talk about a perfect way to unwind.

And here's the cherry on top – after wrapping up her MBA, Rona dove straight into the Australian CPA program. She's not just taking it on; she's nailing it and is almost at the finish line.

We're super proud to have Rona on our team at BTNA. She's proof that you can mix serious professionalism with a zest for life and still come out on top!

You run your business.

We’ll handle the rest.

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