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8 Powerful Xero Hacks That Will Ease Your Day and Maximise Efficiency

8 Powerful Xero Hacks That Will Ease Your Day and Maximise Efficiency Whether you’re a small business owner, a freelancer, or managing a bustling startup, Xero’s cloud-based software offers some clever hacks to boost your productivity and streamline your financial processes. In this post, we’ll unveil eight powerful Xero hacks that will not only save you time but also enhance your data security and improve your overall workflow. From the simplicity of logging in to integrating complex sales data, these…
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Xero Prices Changes….again….

We hope you're doing well and that your business is thriving. We understand that managing your finances efficiently is crucial, and one of the tools that has been helping you do just that is Xero, the accounting software we use together. We have some important news to share with you today regarding Xero's subscription pricing. Starting September 15, 2023, Xero will be implementing some changes to its pricing structure for Business Edition plans in Australia. These changes are essential for…
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C & G – Seddon’s Newest Bar and Restaurant

Yes, you read that right the first time around - C & G is back in action and under new ownership and management! We have the pleasure of introducing you all to one of our newest clients and also a true long-standing monument of Seddon. Renovated and rejuvenated, new ownership has breathed fresh life into the bar and restaurant. C & G is serving fantastic craft beer and an extensive range of beautiful wines with delicious food in its bright…